Top 20

Top 20 things to do on a rally

  1. Play football

  2. Cook something tasty (look at the recipes on the webpage)

  3. Play swingball

  4. Make some new friends

  5. Meet up with old friends

  6. Go geo caching

  7. Play rounders

  8. Colour in a picture

  9. Write a rally report

  10. Take a photo (send them in for the wepage)

  11. Play a board game

  12. Go for a walk (take a dog with you)

  13. Play cards

  14. Wash the caravan

  15. Help with the caravan

  16. Write a story

  17. Play hide and seek

  18. Complete your competition (from the marshals)

  19. Have a go at the quiz

  20. Listen to your favourite music

geo cacheing
Hide and seek