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Heater and Hot water on electric Swift Corniche 17/3

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Heater and Hot water on electric Swift Corniche 17/3

Postby handypeople » October 3rd, 2007, 1:28 pm

I have just purchased a 1999 Sfift Corniche 17/3 whilst all seems in perfect condition and it is the thrid Swift we have had in last 15 years, the Hetaer or Fanmaster is dual fuel but cant see or see how to get the electric side to eoprate, yes its plugged in to 24ovolts, yes its on elec on the panel yes I have checked all fuses and trips.

Same problem on the Water heater it works great on Gas but doesnt work on electric

I have followed the Swift user manual which I must say over the years has dropped in standard and is about as helpfull as a chocalate fireguard, who write this thing they never ever gave it to someone and watched them use a manual and make everything work and identify where all the items are. It needs to be written with good schematics drawings maybe idiot proof but then at some stage in all our lives arent we all idiots at times.

Anyway I am practical, not stupid but can someone help please and point me in the right direction.

david 8)
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Re: Heater and Hot water on electric Swift Corniche 17/3

Postby charles » October 4th, 2007, 9:29 pm

Both the space and water heaters have a switch (usually with neon light) that must be on before they will work on 240 volts. These switches are normally together amd on a bedbox or similar.

Also you need to check that the electric plug has not fallen out of the water heater and that the high temperature cut out has not disabled the space heater (see handbook for details - normally on the back of the heater).
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