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Whale waterfilter for 1994 Corniche, where is it?

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Whale waterfilter for 1994 Corniche, where is it?

Postby johnh605 » August 5th, 2008, 8:29 am

Hi All.

I have just bought my second Swift tourer.
It's a 1994 Corniche 13 ft 2 berth.
There are loads of extra goodies which I am amazed about because my old van was an Eldiss Mistral which was pretty basic compared to our new love machine.
This van has Aircon fitted and an onboard water tank, both are fitted underneath the van.
I flll up my water tank then I can disconnect my aquaroll. I then draw my water from the onboard tank which is always in the shade and kept cool, brilliant, I can tour taking my own water supply, a proper tourer, wow!
Now to the point of this post.
Where is the water filter?
I expected to find one of the clear plastic conical crystal ones which screw in near the water inlet but there isn't one.
According to all the shedloads of guff that came with the van it tells me that a Whale Semi Rigid water system is fitted which works via a pressure switch under the seat.
There are none of those damn microswitches which always seem to go wrong fitted.
It says that there is an inline water filter near the cold tap in the kitchen, I've looked,
I've checked along all the pipes but I can't find it.

Has anyone out there got a similar set up who can help me located this elusive filter?

Many thanks

John H
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Re: Whale waterfilter for 1994 Corniche, where is it?

Postby ted hughes » August 5th, 2008, 11:57 am

This van was never fitted with a water filter but you can easily fit your own. I have a Whale filter mounted vertically in the cold feed line to the kicthen sink. This arrangemnt means you only filter the water you really need to filter (so the filter lasts longer) and, when draining down for the winter, you can usually get away without removing the filter.
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ted hughes
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