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Water Pump problem on Swift 530 2007

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Water Pump problem on Swift 530 2007

Postby instop » May 13th, 2009, 11:40 am

My 1st Post
Can anyone help please. We have a water pump problem on the Swift 530 2007. Intermittently an error appears on the display
"PUMP OVERLOAD" The water supply on all outlets seems absolutely fine prior to the error appearing. The error appears directly after turning off any of the taps. Only way to clear it is to switch off the pump at the control panel and then activate it once more which then allows normal water flow again.
We have ensured that the filter inside the full aquaroll is clear, there are no kinked pipes as far as we can see. Seems as though the control panel is incorrectly recognising an increased current flow in the pump circuit, protecting the fuse.

Anyone any ideas

Thank You
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