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wate water outlet on swift challeger 480se '97

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wate water outlet on swift challeger 480se '97

Postby dr w » July 15th, 2009, 4:20 pm

Can anyone out there please help? I have recently bought the above caravan and am a total novice (but loving it). My caravan has 3 outlet pipes for waste water. 2 at the back of the van outside and underneath the bathroom window (ish) and one under the kitchen window. All water comes out of the back 2 outlets. I have sighted the van for a the next month on a fantastic sight, but the sight is steep. As a result the water hog doesn't fit under the van at the back and the angle is not enough for the water to go up slightly and into the water hog. is there anyway around this? Can i get water to just come out of the water outlet on the side of the van rather than the 2 outlets at the back, or is the best option to just get a much longer outlet pipe and position the hog down hill more and hope that the water will run more easily? please help :(
dr w
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Re: wate water outlet on swift challeger 480se '97

Postby charles » July 16th, 2009, 11:17 am

Rear waste outlets are always a pain for the very reason you give. My guess is that the 2 rear outlets are for the kitchen and washroom sinks and the one on the side is from the shower tray. If you connect the other 2 wastes to this you will end up with waste water coming back up into the shower tray.

The answer is to re-route them to come out on the offside just behind the wheel. If they are indeed both sink drains there should be no problem connecting them together before bringing them to the side. Pass the pipes through existing holes in the chassis, do not drill any new ones.
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