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Postby David5000 » August 31st, 2009, 1:12 am

FAILED ELECTRICS SILHOUETTE 1990 used kettle the other day and boiled ok, then went to rinse out my cup, and nothing. no power anywhere. reconnected mains to other feeds still same. bought caravan four months back and had to have new water pump fitted. Sink tap drips a good bit sometimes.

Could elec failure and tap leakage be connected. how hard is it to fit new tap??

thanks new to this site
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Postby ted hughes » August 31st, 2009, 9:40 am

Your caravan has two electrical systems – mains and 12 volt. You say you went to rinse out your cup, and nothing, no power anywhere. This implies that the pump did not work. When new the pump would have been operated from the 12 volt system via micro-switches in the taps. So for the pump not to work there could be several causes:

No 12 volt supply (normally supplied by a battery that is kept topped up by a mains charger)
Blown 12 volt supply fuse
Faulty micro-switches
A bad connection somewhere
Faulty pump (less likely as it is new)

You say that there was no power anywhere so maybe you don’t have a 12 volt battery fitted and the mains failed for some reason. This would give the symptoms you describe. The first thing to do is to check this out. If you are not competent with mains electrics then call in a registered electrician who is. Attached below is a PDF with a couple of drawings from 1990. They may not be identical to the kit in your van but should help.

The dripping tap and electrical failure will not be connected unless water is somehow dripping onto a mains connection and causing the mains to trip.

If the dripping tap causes the pump to switch on it could be that your water system has been converted from micro-switched to pressure switched. In this case there should be an adjustable pressure switch somewhere.

The taps you have are probably the Comet type and may still be available. See pic below. How easy they are to change will depend on how good the access is.
taps 200x200.jpg
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mains unit and 12 volt wiring.pdf
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ted hughes
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Postby David5000 » August 31st, 2009, 9:55 am

Hi, thanks for your reply. I have a battery connected, but even though it shows as being charged when mains connected, it never charges. Thanks for your guidance. An afterthough was to remove all the 12v fuses in the locker, and see if 240 v works then. I have all the equipment to test, but not really compitent on caravan electrics which appear quite involved.
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