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I know where they go!

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I know where they go!

Postby Baldogle » October 12th, 2009, 10:51 am

Every time I open the `van windows fully, I see a swarm of flies hiding in the join of the plastic and body, at the very top. I remember when I got this beast, the WIFE spent hours clearing all nooks and crannys with a high powered vacuum cleaner, from the infestation of the little lads, some still awake, but most not. Now when about to lay up for the wind and wet season, I`m concerned to keep the critters of the property. I can only think of filling the gap with thin sponge, suitably soaked in something nasty (to flies, that is ). Any one out there had this problem, or is it just Ireland? I have searched, to no avail for other tips, but to date I`m in the lead
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