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Swift Corniche 12/2 sort of vintage help...

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Swift Corniche 12/2 sort of vintage help...

Postby Helga » January 30th, 2010, 11:08 pm

Well I'm really excited - I picked up my new caravan... my first caravan... today. An old... maybe early 80s Swift Corniche 12/2. I towed it home 120 miles and it went and braked really well!! It only cost me 1 couple of hundred quid, so even if it did one holiday I'm quid in!

Firslt, how the hell can I find out what model year this is so as to try and get some literature on this model?

There are a couple of electrical issues internally however...

The previous owner told me that the electrics worked like this:

1. The 240v plug in works the fridge and two sockets... Presumably this old van never had proper 240 volts when new?

2. Two small spot lights are worked by a battery under the seat.

3. EVERYTHING else including the water pump, gas starter for the fridge, cascade 2 gas water heater starter, gas fire starter, five main lights etc are worked by power from the secondary hitch conection to the car...

Now so far he is right on the 240 plug in stakes, but can't check either other power source as my car only has single conection at the moment, and the battery is obviously flat.

So, my question is, is his assessment of how the electrics are supposed to work correct? It seems a stupid system to me... I mean everytime you want to have water you'd have to plug the bloody car into the electrics!!!

I think what he has experienced is a flat battery under the seat... this would fit in with his experience, ie no power when the car is not attatched? Seem feasible? Plus there are only two wires going to the battery... surely it should have four? Two FROM the car alternator and two going back into the caravan electrics?

I think what I should do is buy a caravan 12volt transformer / charger and wire that into the mains board and attach all the 12 volt electrics into that including a new leisure battery... good idea you think?

Is there anybody round Stockport or Manchester who would fancy coming round and having a look for me?

Thanks, here's hoping!
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Re: Swift Corniche 12/2 sort of vintage help...

Postby carabiker » January 31st, 2010, 8:31 am


I have sent you a E-mail / PM
I live local to Stockport
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