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Sprite Battery charger

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Sprite Battery charger

Postby changinman » March 16th, 2010, 12:21 pm

As I understand there was a problem with a batch of faulty battery chargers. We purchased a sprite Quattro ES new Aug 2008.The charger had to be changed in the first week of use.The dealership had a pile of them on the floor in service dept that had gone! Now it has gone for the third time!!! My dealership have been prompt in changing it twice but now they tell me that the charger has to be sent off. They have loaned me a "home" battery charger which has to be plugged in 13amp,But I am not really happy with this ,All the vans electrics should be covered under warranty for 3 years, That is why we bought new for trouble free caravaning. Anyone out there had simular problems?
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Re: Sprite Battery charger

Postby TheSwiftGroup » March 17th, 2010, 6:54 pm

Hi Changinman,

There was an issue with some of the Nord chargers due to an unauthorised change to a sub component at time of manufacture which led to the charger failing after approximately 10 hours use. The supplier recoginsed this and altered the source of this sub component which resolved the issue.

The current process for a replacment Nord charger is for the faulty unit to be returned to us and a replacment sent out. If you would like to email me your chassis number and dealer details i am happy to chase this up for you.
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