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Solar panel conectors

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Solar panel conectors

Postby carabiker » February 5th, 2008, 6:14 pm

Hi All

If you have or about to get a new Swift group caravan ( ALL brands )that has the Solar panel connection built in / near to the battery box, the connectors need to be ordered thro Sargent Electrical


Sargent Electrical Services Ltd
To order the connector for solar panel the sales contact is Lee in sales
Part Number 69060-05
I have ordered 2 total 2 x connectors + p&p + vat is £9-86

They do not take credit cards, a cheque for the amount has to be posted made out to
Sargent Electrical Services Ltd include your name and Address

Sargent Electrical Services Ltd.
Unit 39
Tokenspire Business Park
East Yorkshire
HU17 0TB

Tel: 01482 881655
Fax: 01482 678987
Hope is helps

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Re: Solar panel conectors

Postby mike142sl » November 30th, 2009, 3:10 pm

Sargent now accept cards etc and the conector comes with a twin cable attached http://sargentshop.co.uk/epages/eshop32 ... cts/WB1027
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Re: Solar panel conectors

Postby TheSwiftGroup » November 30th, 2009, 9:06 pm


I understand that they also accept Paypal too, if that helps.

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