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Charisma 610

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Charisma 610

Postby Supatramp » August 8th, 2008, 5:06 pm

I think this is my 1st post here, and as I don't think it's particularly technical I hope I'm posting in the correct place!

Our current van is due for change later this year, but early this year I was attracted by the Swift Group adverts which were headlined with I think something like, "A twin-axle for less than £15000". A twin-axle for under £15000 sounded like a special deal to me, but on checking at a Swift dealer while I was in buying a part, I was informed that it wasn't a special deal.

It was a choice between the 620 and the 610, and eventually the 610 won, but the water was then muddied by Swift's decision to launch updated models in June. The updated spec sounded good but I wasn't sure about the new style worktops, so for the past while I've been hunting around to find a dealer with an '08/'09 model. The launch of the updated models doesn't seem to have been too popular with the dealers, I think I could probably find hen's teeth more easily, but I eventually found '08 and '08/'09 models of the Ace Statesman. I was able to compare them almost side-by-side and I much prefer the earlier '08 style of furniture and furnishings.

So............................... has anybody here bought an early '08 610, and if so, what are your impressions so far?

To be honest, my main 'problem' is changing from a spacious end toilet/washroom to the smaller side version!
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