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Postby Futsal1st » April 13th, 2009, 7:04 am

I am the proud owner of a Swift Charisma 555 and live in NW Sydney, Australia.

I picked up the van in January and have done a couple of trips. I have had 5 new (locally made) vans over the past 10 years and this one is IMO the best. Great use of space and light weight. My last van was a similar internal length and had a tare weight of 2250kgs.

Hoping to use it again around the end of the year for a larger trip.

In a few years after I retire, hope to do the 'lap' (around Australia, approx 15000 k's). 8)
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Re: G'day

Postby woodvale035 » April 13th, 2009, 7:37 am

hello there.
it is great to see how far these vans get around.
I am just signed up to this forum myself so have not posted to many replies but was interested in what you said. In the uk the width of towing vans are limited so they have to be designed well to make most use of space. There are even a lot of continental vans that are an inch or two outside this limit as i nearly bought one of these until i did my homework.It may not come to any problems but didn't want to chance it.
The vehicles are also rated for how much they are allowed to tow and this is quite low so again the weight of these vans have to be kept down.

The large trip around OZ will take a while so should be very interesting, I have an uncle in Australia who sold his house and hit the road in a HINO motorhome, i think he has been to New Zealand a couple of times for a few months at a time. The idea of it all sounds great.
It is great to hear from around the world so keep us posted.

hope you get a lot of use from your van,,,
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