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Postby jimmybob » June 6th, 2009, 12:06 pm

hi everybody i am new to the forum and to caravanning i used my van for the first time last week and had a very relaxing time. i was amazed at the helpfulness of the other caravanners.
one of them suggested that i should not leave the hitch-lock and wheel clamp on the van just in case the van next door caught fire (sounds good) but where would i stand with my insurance if the van was stolen has anybody any ideas on this
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Re: security

Postby carabiker » June 6th, 2009, 7:17 pm

Hi jimmybob

I would check the small print in your insurance, most state that the van has to be secure as per there terms and conditions
normally most state a wheel lock and hitch lock as the min

If you think about a caravan set up on site with the 4 legs down, poss awning , the services ( water electric )connected etc

If a fire broke out in the next van would you attempt to move your van
The risk from the fire and poss gas explosion not worth thinking about,

Family first and then possibly the tow car all to a safe area

The 2 clubs have rules about distance between vans for this reason, but not so on some commercial sites
just my thoughts

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Re: security

Postby Frank » June 6th, 2009, 10:16 pm

Welcome to the forum Jimmybob

I would also strongly advise that you fully secure your van when on site to meet the requirements of your insurance policy. They will almost certainly not pay out if it is stolen and you have deliberately removed your anti theft devices.

If there was a fire on an adjoining pitch it would not be advisable to try to move your van due to the obvious danger. The spacing between caravans should normally reduce the risk of fire affecting adjoining units. Make sure you know what the fire safety procedures are for any site you are on - raising alarms, use of fire fighting equipment etc

Carabiker mentions that some commercial sites do not have rules about distance between caravans but this is not the case. All commercial sites must be licensed by the local Council and the licence has conditions with regards to fire safety including the density and spacing of vans. (The site licence and conditions should be on display on the site). However it is possible that some site owners may try to reduce the safe spacing especially in peak season to sqeeze in extra caravans but I would not be happy to be on such a site.
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