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Hello everyone! :o)

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Hello everyone! :o)

Postby dollydaydream » August 27th, 2009, 11:33 am

We are new to this site, we bought a 1990 Swift Alouette Diamond last October..and have just come back from our first trip away in it :shock:

It was great, I think we were just putting it off as we have 2 toddlers and we had no idea how we'd cope with benig new to caravanning, awnings and trying to control the kids. Sigh.

I feel like we know our van a lot better now, it was quite daunting never having been in one before. But we've even left it on the site ready to return the weekend after next for another holiday (without the anklebiters..!). We never go on holiday and so it's fab to have discovered this new world!

I will probably have lots of questions about our van, I'd love to hera from anyone and everyone, in partic those who maybe have a Swift Alouette as I probably don't understand half of what it can do! I wish it came with a manual to show every single button and bit of fanciness, as we're discovering new things all the time! It'd be ace to be able to nkow everything it does and make the most if it straight away.

Anyway, hope to hear from folk and I'm pleased I found this site - I can see this being quite a long and happy Swift relationship, if you see what I mean!

Best wishes
Lucy x
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