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porch awning

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porch awning

Postby ian haslop » November 1st, 2009, 6:25 pm

Hi All,

After having a parachute moment with my awning on my swift bowmere (back from the pub at midnight with a few scoops in me) last week I have decided to buy a porch awning. Any advice on whats good, whats bad would be appreciated. I have looked at the PDQ awning that holds in the awning rail and is supposedley possible to put up in minutes ?? Also on a insurance front I am with E+L who tell me I am not insured for awning damage through weather conditions. Is this an industry norm or could I switch to someone else. Does anyone else own a swift bowmere just done my first season and have yet to see another. Thanks

ian haslop
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Re: porch awning

Postby duffer » November 17th, 2009, 12:35 pm

We have 2 porch awnings. One is very strong with metal poles and has just enough room for a table and 2 chairs. It’s great awning but it is quite heavy and takes a while to put up. The other is a much smaller ‘igloo’ type awing that has bendy carbon fibre poles. It’s very light and quick to put up and can be down in less than 2 minutes if necessary. We use it to keep the weather off the caravan door and to store kit such as muddy boots.

It is now possible to get much larger lightweight porch awnings that work on the bendy pole principle. If we were starting from scratch I would seriously consider one. Have a look at those on offer from Sunncamp and Outdoor Revolution. They are ideal for that weekend away.

If you want something more substantial you will not go wrong with an Isabella. They are expensive but the quality is superb.

Regards your insurance question I can’t see any insurer compensating you for weather damage to an awning.
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