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New Swift-Talk forums

This forum is now closed to new posts but remains here as a source of information. New actictivity has transferred to the Swift Talk forums (see link above).

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New Swift-Talk forums

Postby webmaster » March 4th, 2010, 12:37 pm

The Swift-Talk forums are being run by the Swift Group as part of a new social networking website. They are regularly monitored by Swift and are now their main platform for responding to queries. The idea is to create a single place for discussion and answers on all Swift Group Products.

In support of this we have transferred our main forum activity to the new boards and closed these boards to new posts from the end of March. The result should be a better service for all visitors, especially those looking for input from the Swift Group. Our For Sale/Wanted forum is continuing to operate but has moved to a new page.

The Swift-Talk forums can be found here http://www.swift-talk.co.uk/forum
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