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Cracked door frames/doors coming loose and dropping off

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Cracked door frames/doors coming loose and dropping off

Postby neilw » June 18th, 2008, 5:00 pm

We purchased an Ace Supreme Twinstar in February 2006, the caravan is a 2004 model. Since that time we have had a catalogue of problems. The main issue has been to do with the internal doorframes. The biggest storage space in the end washroom is now not fully useable because the door frame has split, the door has fallen off and we are having an argument with Swift about whose problem this is. The crack appeared as a thin white line, which gradually grew until the screws became too loose to hold the door in place. It appears that the holes have not originally been pilot drilled at the time of manufacture and in the longer term this causes problems. Has anyone else experienced the same? If so, please contact Swift because they say they have no problem. However I have seen many new caravans pre 2008 with fine white lines where the screws hold the hinges to the frame. The door frame will eventually crack and allow the door to come adrift. Please have a look at your caravan door frames to see if yours is the same.
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