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Holes in my Challenger

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Holes in my Challenger

Postby Veronica JJ » November 30th, 2008, 10:50 am

Holes in my Challenger 550 2005 6 months after its last service and damp test at 3years old [no damp] Holes appeared under the door and towards the back of the van.from the inside out.Have anyone else had this problem? Swift are not interested as its out of Warranty. :(
Veronica JJ
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Re: Holes in my Challenger

Postby preston_biker » November 30th, 2008, 1:44 pm

Hi Veronica

We have a 2008 Charisma 570 which has a problem with condensation in the rear fixed bunks at the side door. Every morning I have to dry the door, we even had to do this in France during August this year. While in Peterbough in October the problem was worse with condensation on the rear wall under the bottom bunk.

We have made sure that nothing obstructs the floor vents under the bed, but I can see this being a problem area in the future. In fairness to Swift we have not brought this to their attention yet but I do wonder if others have a similar problem?

I would say though that if your damp problem was not picked up at the last survey I would be a bit suspect about the survey. Speaking as a buildings inspector for damp to have caused rot in the floor pan this problem has been ongoing for more than six months and should have been seen especially if it is going from the inside out. The only defence I can see Swift giving is to claim that you have not kept the vents clear so allowing a build up of moisture laden air which will have allowed the water vapour to have condensed on the cold surfaces.

Hopefully other owners will report on this problem which would strengthen your case to Swift if you can prove a design issue.

Hope this helps in some way

Ford Mondeo estate, 2008 Charisma 570
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Re: Holes in my Challenger

Postby charles » December 5th, 2008, 12:44 pm


I suspect the holes you are talking about are not in the floor but in the thin aluminium ‘skirt’ that runs along the bottom of the van. As such they are cosmetic but not of any structural significance. It sounds as though the aluminium has corroded from behind to the point where the strip now has some holes.

Quite often the aluminium strip is backed with wood for additional strength and protection. You really need to have a look and see what is going on. If the area could be thoroughly dried (not easy in winter) then it may be possible to apply car under-seal to prevent further attack. With the rear sealed the holes could then be filled with a car type body filler and the strip sprayed with paint.
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