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Charisma 570 condensation problem

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Charisma 570 condensation problem

Postby preston_biker » April 16th, 2009, 9:58 am

Has anybody else got a problem with condensation on the side door of the Charisma 570 (ours is a 2008 model)?

Every morning we need to wipe the door as it is running with condensation but does not seem to affect the walls. I have made sure that the air vents in the floor are clear and that the area is clear of obstuction. We have even tried not using the bunks using the other set instead but the problem remains the same. We have asked our dealer for a solution but all we got was shrug of the sholders.
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Re: Condensation problem

Postby TheSwiftGroup » April 16th, 2009, 9:05 pm

Your Charisma 570 should have a lift up vent board against the rear door on the lower bunk. This will stop the mattress getting damp and prevent condensation on the door.

If you want to email me at aspacey@swiftleisure.co.uk with your chassis number and name. I will give you some more details.

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Re: Condensation problem

Postby Sun Seekers » April 17th, 2009, 10:47 pm

Preston Biker

We have exactly the same problem with our 2004 Chraisma 570. The only thing I have noticed is that the side door appears to be slightly low in it's frame and that there is a very small gap at the top of the door which is allowing air and moisture in past the door seal. We haven't used our caravan since I have adjusted the door so I don't know if this has cured the problem.

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Re: Charisma 570 condensation problem

Postby jonbob » January 21st, 2010, 1:37 pm

I have a 2004 Fairway 570 with exactly the same problem, have three kids so not using the bunks is not an option, have tried getting my son to sleep head end away from the door which has helped a bit. Also I have noticed the heater hose blows directly onto the bunks from by the main door, so I will swap it to blowing into the main area. My dealer has advised that he could fit a floor vent in the area which I think is a good idea. I don't think you will eliminate the problem complely as it is in the furthest, darkest coolest part of the caravan. Another thought i had was that the rear panels (the sloping ones) are only stapled onto a frame, the other side of which is the rear fairing of the van. These boards are only insulated with 25mm polystyrene, so it is possible you could removed these and add a little more insulation. Its kind of reassuring to hear of someone else having a similar problem, as I was getting paranoid I was being a real pain in the derrier to my dealer. Otherwise it is a fab van and I prefer this layout to the triple bunk one, hopefully Swift will start making it again in the future.
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