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electrics 240v

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electrics 240v

Postby fionahg » April 21st, 2009, 3:07 pm

Hi all can anyone help.
I have recently bought an imaculate 1993 corniche which I love.
I am trying to get mains electriciry from my generator, but seem to be doing somwthing very wromng. All the 12v stuff works. I have the original hand book which tells me i have a KT12SM charger unit which I cannot locat in the van atall. Apparantly this will ned to be switched on, i am hoping this is the problem.
Please can any help!
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Re: electrics 240v

Postby woodvale035 » April 21st, 2009, 10:15 pm

just to clarify.
you have connected a generator to the caravan and it is not getting power through to the power sockets...

taken From another web forum

KT12 charger unit is a black box about twice the size of a house brick, at least as heavy! and with only a red on/off rocker switch and three screw in fuses, one for the mains supply and a couple of 12v output fuses.The charger is built under main seat it is a KT12SM and backs on to battery.

hope this helps you find it. it may not be for your model of van but may help.
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