Pieces of eight and 25 over and out -  Brereton Heath, Cheshire

14-16th September 2007

Deep in the heart of the Spanish main (Or Cheshire to the rest of us) there be 14 ships moored up for a weekend of drinking and smuggling. Jolly Roger’s be flying upon the beaches.

Captain Bert Bonkers organised a weekend of fun for his band of smugglers and drunkards. Friday evening there be plenty of grog and rum drank in Dirty Di’s alehouse served by Captain Bert. Dirty Di and Pirate Tina served the non alcoholic refreshments for the lily livered and younger pirates.

Saturday afternoon the sun shone for the younger pirates, Pirate’s Ellie, Owen and Sam to undertake their Treasure Hunt, they sailed ships on the beach, had to catch 5 fish, fire the cannon and find the ship’s rats. They did manage to find where the treasure was buried. Saturday evening the Pirates were rounded up for a BBQ where there was plenty of drinking of the Captains grog and singing of sea shanty’s. The young pirates then played Toss the ships rat to see who could throw it the furthest the winner being Sam Cassidy. The adults then joined in and Captain Paul Verdon and Pirate Wench Linda Hill won.

Sunday morning we pirates braved the high winds and attended a grog-free flag. Pirate’s Billy & Sue Byrne celebrated 50 Swift voyages and Pirate’s Mick & Anita Horsfield celebrated reaching 250 Swift Voyages.

A great time was had by all and the Pirates and 1st mates left for shores further afield.

Write up and pictures by The Buccaneers.

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