Be My Early Valentine -  Collingham, Notts

9-11th Feb 2007

On our way home from Collingham rally I remarked what a good rally we had just attended so decided to put views in writing.

The weather when we set off on Friday was not very good, we had had snow in the morning but it was clearing up so off we set just after lunch, we remarked that we must be a bit mad. It got even darker and rainier on the journey but we were greeted by David and Keith and shown on to our pitch and I think that almost everyone that had book turned up even on the Saturday for those who had problems on Friday.

Friday continued to rain, we met up in the Cricket Pavilion for tea and biscuits and were invited to stay all evening and I think most people did, as it was very well heated with both fan and halogen heaters. We were able to chat and catch up with the people had not seen for a while. Unfortunately the rain continued most of the night and on Saturday but this did not stop people going about their intended activities. I'm sure the local caravan dealer was visited and a trip to Lincoln was fitted in.

Saturday evening started of with the Ladies being given a red silk rose, then fish or pie supper whichever you had pre-ordered was served very efficiently and quickly and piping hot, with onion gravy for those who wanted it as well as a selection of sauces.

David and Keith organised the evening with a quiz and then how well do you know you spouse, this was good fun for the audience and the contestants alike, must say some know their partners better that others. It was so comfortable in the pavilion that most of us were there to the bitter end and perhaps longer. This was a very sociable event, which we all thoroughly enjoyed.

At Sunday flag Steve Louch presented the marshal bars and informed us that this was his last flag as our area committee member as he was standing down at the AGM he was thanked and given an ovation for the work he had done for the area. (Steve loves public speaking)

We wish to thank Linda & David Hill and family well supported by Di & Keith Phipps for a smashing weekend. The raffle went down well and I think was well supported. (I won again Kay)

Ian & Sonia Brown