2006/7 New Year Rally - Newbury

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We had a wonderful New Year rally at Clere School Newbury. Our catering team Ron, Maureen and Brian Ward produced some superb food. Ron had only recently come out of hospital and it was a job to make him take it a bit easy.

On Friday night we were asked for volunteers to help prepare the veg. There were so many of us waiting for the kitchen to open at 10:00am on Saturday it was like the first day of the sales.

On Saturday night we had a delicious 4 course candle lit meal including wine and port. We were then entertained by one of our members Yvonne Evans who used to be a professional singer and has a beautiful voice. Then our own Red Coat/DJ Mike Cartwright assisted by Jeanette and Laura organised games and dancing.

On New Year's Eve we had a Grand Buffet. Then by a magic carpet we were transported to the Clere Theatre for a star studied performance of Dick Whittington. The Principal Boy was played by Maureen Ward and Sue Kilby have a "purrfect" performance as the cat. The Chief Rat was played by Richard Ryves who glided in on his electric chair that had grown into a large rat with special effects and a secrete weapon - a water cannon which he sprayed into the audience. The panto was directed by "Ratty" Jeff Way.

We celebrated the New Year in the usual Swift style with a glass of Champaign in our hands and the continued dancing. Grateful thanks to all who made this great rally possible, Trevor and Jenny Donohue, Jeff and Carole Way, Steve and Sharon Horn and Ron, Maureen and Brian Ward.

Barbara Roberts

Photos © & courtesy of Carole Way and Martin Roberts

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