AGM Rally - Towcester Racecourse

May 2008

The AGM rally is one of the Club’s largest and is held over the Mayday bank holiday weekend. The Annual General Meeting itself is only a small part of the weekend, taking place on the Sunday morning. This year we had very lively debate and so it over-ran a bit, making for some late lunches.

However, like all rallies, the real focus is on having fun, and so we did! parties, bbq’s, Chairman’s Challenge, music, dancing, live entertainment – you name it – we had it. The disco entertainment on the Saturday night was run by one of our own members and filled the huge marquee with people. Good music at sensible volume levels meant that everyone enjoyed the party.

On the Sunday night we had excellent live entertainment from duo ‘Diamond White’ and comedian Maxi Mann. Both were extremely popular and there were demands for them to return next year.

Of course a rally as big as this takes a lot of people to organise it. There are too many to mention here and even if I tried to do so there would always be the danger of missing someone out. All I will say is, you know who you are, so please accept a big thanks from me on behalf of all the ralliers.

On the Saturday night I wandered round with my camera to capture the happy smiling faces of people having a good time. There were so many I couldn't possibly get them all before the camera battery went flat, but I did gat a fair few. The results are below.


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