Bake Fruit Farm

Salisbury, Wilts.

Jun 20-22, 2008


Having just attended a weekend rally at Bake Fruit Farm, Coombe Bissett it was obvious on arrival that we were in for a weekend with a difference. The tell tale sign was the marshals Michael and Jeanette Cartwright coming out of their van to greet us (nothing unusual here) but wait a minute who’s this, a head then a body appears from where, am I seeing things, the Co-marshals are pitched next to the marshals in a tent, without a van and not wanting to let anyone down, Laura Cartwright decided it was the only way to go. Our thanks to Laura for still going ahead with the rally even without a van at this present time.

Although our waist lines will be suffering, the Farm was a self pick site and everyone went and came back armed with raspberries and strawberries which in the sun where devoured with lashings of cream.

The social was an entertaining event with Paul and Lyn Phillips celebrating their 200th rally, but oh no - where’s the cake Lyn!!! It’s on the side Paul, No it’s not Lyn - yes it is, but at home in Risca Paul! Well a quick dash to Tesco’s and problem resolved. Mike Cartwright helped out with stories of the past which include, Committee, New year rallies, Group, and AGM’s to name just a few.

We would like to thank Lyn and Paul also for the wine which was supplied for the Saturday evening – there certainly wasn’t any left when everyone fell into bed in the early hours. But as usual on a Swift rally there is always an exception to the rule and one person couldn’t wait for his bed, so snuggled up in the chair and quietly fell asleep when he sat. Guess who that was??

Sharon & Steve Horn

Below is a photo of the cake that was left at home

The cake that was left behind! presentation