Fly your broom to Beds

Broom, Beds

31st Oct - 2nd Nov 2008


“Fly your Broom to Beds” the rally book said, so off we set for our first ever rally, full of anticipation of what was to come as we had no idea what to expect.

Any initial fears were dispelled as we rolled on to the rally field at 2.03pm to be met by a happy and smiley Keith one of our rally marshals who I never saw doing anything but smile all weekend. Keith and his wife Jenne were ably assisted by co marshals Ron & Maureen Ward, Sadly Ron had to go home due to ill health and we wish him a speedy recovery.

7.30pm quickly came and it was time to unleash the kids (Emily 7 and Amy 4) and Caroline (my suffering wife) in to the rally tent for coffee and a chat with a great bunch of people we had never met before. Very quickly we were chatting with people like old friends and the children were looked after and kept happy too.

Saturday night saw the main event of a fancy dress bash in the village hall with a meal of spooky soup, witches fingers etc. Some great traditional fun and games followed with apple dunking and sticky doughnuts suspended on string producing quite a few laughs making for a great night despite the heavy rain outside.

Due to the heavy rain the night before flag was held in the village hall with many presentations being made not the least of which was the presentation on three 1st rally plaques to David & Rosemary Bowen, Phil and Gwen Gordon and of course ourselves Graham & Caroline Kirkman.

A special plaque was given to our hosts Keith & Jenne Essam for the exceptional effort they had put into the Switzerland holiday rally earlier in the year. If our experience of their efforts was anything to go by it must have been a great rally as our first rally certainly was one to remember for all the right reasons.

All and all a great time had by all, friends made and a new hobby added to our list looking forward to our next rally and hope to meet many more swift owners in the very near future.

Graham Kirkman

Photos © & courtesy of Graham Kirkman

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