Dutch Bulbfield Rally - 2008

Camping Koningshof, Rijnsburg, Holland

April 2008

Continental rallies don’t just happen, they take years of planning. This one was no exception. The planning started 3 years ago as the previous Dutch rally drew to a close. It takes a special type of marshal to show that degree of commitment and that’s just what we had in Val & John Rowe and Maureen & Ron Ward.

The result was another memorable rally with coach trips, boat trips, birthday parties, other social gatherings, communal meals and above all - FUN. You can see it on the faces of the ralliers. I don’t remember another rally where everyone laughed and smiled so much and this one was two weeks long! It must have done us all good.

It would take too long to describe all the events so I’m just going to pick out one or two. On arrival we were handed our rally packs in a beautiful hand made cloth bag (see pic above). Val Rowe had done one for every caravan. We will treasure it as a memento of the rally.

Then there was the social evening with a competition. We had each been asked to bring along an unusual object. Val collected them beforehand and arranged them on a stage such that no one knew who had brought what. Most were almost impossible to guess but it was really good fun trying. That evening we had quite a roomful as were joined by members of the Swift Motorhome Owners Club who were also staying on site. What a lively crowd they were!

Week two saw a return trip to component manufacturer Thetford, at Etten-Leur. We saw fridges and sanitation products rolling off the production line like never before. Prior to lunch in their canteen we were given opportunity to ask questions. After lunch we continued the factory tour. The visit proved to be an excellent opportunity for me to brush up my technical knowledge so that I can better help Club members in the future.

On the last Saturday a shuttle coach service took us to view the annual flower parade as it wound its way through the nearby town of Voorhout. The theme this year was holidays and one huge float featured a car and caravan. For ease of viewing the local council had erected a large stand and a band set up opposite to entertain everyone during the wait for the parade to arrive.

No report on a rally at Camping Koningshof would be complete without a mention of site owner Philip (Flip) Kromhout. From the welcome lunch to the farewell dinner Flip and his excellent staff worked hard to ensure that everyone had a good time. His sense of humour is positively wicked; he had us in stitches many a time. As a token of our appreciation we presented him with a specially commissioned ceramic plate, depicting a swift, to commemorate the rally.

A big thanks to Val & John Rowe and Maureen & Ron Ward for sacrificing so much of their time so that we could just enjoy ourselves.


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