Lazy Summer Days

Pershore, Worcs

18 - 20th July 2008

lazy days

The rally at the pub was all organised and then the pub said they wouldn’t take us after all. It may have been something to do with their local festival, which was on at the same time.

Enter stage left one Club stalwart, Len Field. “No problem” said he, “I know another site, I’ll just go and see.” So off went our Len, he was back before tea. “It’s just been agreed - they’ll have all our vans - and marshals go free!”

And so it was that we all arrived at a nice farm site in the middle of nowhere. It was perfect for a relaxing weekend. Communal BBQ’s and lots of socialising. We even had a ruby wedding celebration. (Report in the Members' section).

Of course none of this would have been possible without the efforts of the marshals - Steve & Sharon Horn and David & Vonnie Hopkins. (Not forgetting Len!) Thanks for a great weekend!

Charles & Miriam

Photos © & courtesy of Charles & Martin

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