Children in Need rally

Stratford Racecourse

20th - 23rd November 2008


This rally raised over £1,000 !

A big thank you to our very hard working marshals Michael and Jeannette Cartwright and David and Barbara Morphey for making this happen. Also to Sharon Horn for arranging a sponsor for the hall at Stratford and Avon Race Course and to her Mother for making such delicious cakes. We just made a donation for the cakes which went down very nicely with our tea/coffee.

We were shown to our pitch by Richard Ryves in his bright pink dumper truck decorated in different coloured flickering lights. The large scoop also served as a collection pot for all our fines. There were lots of fines for different reasons and we got fined for not taking our wind generator, we did not need it as we had electric.

Also a thank you to our resident D.J. Tony Hawkins who suddenly grew hair overnight and to Frankie who made 52 Pudsey biscuits in her caravan which she sold and raised over £9. To Hugh Jones who came with a large box of beautiful sample calendars which were sold for £2 for the large ones and £1 for the small ones.

There were at least 10 "Lots" on the Auction List of donations ranging from a 3 litre bottle of Bacardi to several "Lots" of a weeks holiday break in 3/4 star sites paying all the site fees etc which were all auctioned.

Sadly, I have to tell you that some naughty people stole Pudsey - please see the photograph of the ransom note. The marshals had to pay a ransom of £14 to get him back.

On Saturday afternoon there was all sorts on fun and games all raising money and in the evening we had a splendid American Supper followed by a fancy dress parade.

We were all asked to bring a raffle prize and the table was groaning under the weight.

It was cold outside but lovely and warm in the hall, we raised a lot of money and had a lot of fun helping to make a big difference to Children in Need.

Barbara Roberts - Press Officer

Photos © & courtesy of Martin Roberts

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ACM Sharon Horn comments:

As the Area Committee Member for this rally I would not normally put pen to paper and write a report, but this rally was an exception to the rule.

I would like to thank each rallier who turned out to support this event at a time of year when most but the hardy few have put their caravans away for the winter months.  I know that Mike and Rosemary Bird had done just that, but decided to get the caravan out of storage, restock it and drive all the way from Rawtenstall to Stratford upon Avon to give their support.

Can I also give my thanks to Tony Hawkins who travelled from Ipswich to support the rally and give us two nights of entertainment with music, and Richard Ryves who tirelessly escorted all the caravans to there pitches with his mobile pink dumper truck complete with lights.

But my biggest thanks go to the marshals themselves, Michael and Jeanette Cartwright & David and Barbara Morphey who worked non-stop during the four days to raise money for such a worthy cause as Children In Need.  We were entertained during the day with a Wii competition, Bingo, and Horse Racing.  The evening also saw members digging into their pockets as the marshals and I had managed to obtain several donated prizes for auctioning – including 4 different caravan sites in the West Country giving a week’s site fee, including electrics for auctioning.

At the time of writing this to thank everyone, the final figure is still to be collated, but I believe from the workings at the rally this will be well excess of £1000.00.  This is a fantastic amount to achieve and everyone who attended should be very proud. 

Pudsey, Children In Need and Me – Thank you

Sharon Horn