Towering over the Edge

Radway, Warks

25 - 27th July 2008


'There could be a treasure hunt, a walk, a visit to pub, fish and chip supper, or there could be nothing at all. Just come along and find out what the 'A' team have got in store for you'. That’s what the rally book said but what the Rally Book did not know was that the Club was going to hold an EGM (Extraordinary General Meeting) just a few miles down the road on the Saturday morning.

So, a rally that might have been say 20 vans, was nearly 50. It all made for an action packed and fun weekend. The weather, for once, was fantastic – very warm, sunny and not too much wind. Even the evenings were warm and several outdoor parties carried on until well after dark.

The site was yet another field in the middle of nowhere. I don’t know how we pick them – must be the influence of Mr Field. Whatever, there’s something really satisfying about going down single track roads and across fields to pitch your van. You really feel you’ve got away.

Flag on Sunday morning produced the most unusual sight – people with brollies up. Nothing unusual about that I hear you say, but the difference this time was that the brollies were to shade folks from the searing heat of the sun. When did anyone last see that on a UK rally?

Running a rally of that size takes a lot of effort and so a third pair of marshals volunteered to help. They were Paul and Lyn Phillips. Therefore it’s a big thanks to them and to Len & Dot Field and Rob & Sue Kilbey.Great people, great rally.

Ted Hughes

Photos © & courtesy of Ted Hughes

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