Do Nothing Rally

Sweethedges Farm, Stockerston, Leics

4 - 6th July 2008

Doing nothing

There’s something really nice about just stopping and relaxing for a weekend and that’s exactly what we did. What’s more the site could not have been better suited. It was part of a long term conservation area, miles from anywhere, and accessible only by single track roads. There were rolling hills, meadows and woodlands and great relaxing walks. Night-times were wonderful with absolutely no noise. Wildlife abounded but the highlight for me was watching a barn owl swooping low over the fields.

The rally site was huge and mown like a bowling green. Sloping ground made some areas unsuitable for pitching but we managed to find a better area and set up there.

For July the weather was disappointing at times with strong winds and cool temperatures. These conditions were however perfect for Martin Roberts’ wind generator. What with that and his four (yes four) roof mounted solar panels I reckon he had so much surplus energy we could each have had a feed.

Sunday morning was cool and wet with really strong winds but we managed to huddle under gazebos for Flag. The bright spot was helping Martin to celebrate his birthday - aided by a scrumptious chocloate cake!

Many thanks to the marshals Steve & Sharon Horn, Dave & Vonnie Hopkins for a great weekend.


Photos © & courtesy of Martin Roberts & Techtel

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