Packhorse Farm Bungalow

Alderwasley, Derbys

2nd - 4th October 2009

Peak District


This was a great rally with lovely weather, especially for the time of year. Marshalled by David and Rosie Stone and Nigel and Jan Burgess- White. The field was lush and green and showed a good turn out of ralliers.

Saturday was free and relaxed to explore the local area with lovely villages and pubs or going shopping in the city. Saturday evening there was a get together on site in a really cosy small room adorned with the owners memorabilia. I don't know how we crammed so many people, in but it really was great fun and as the cold drew in David kept stoking the burner up a bit more.


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To celebrate Dave and Rosie's 250th rally they kindly supplied a selection of cheeses, biscuits and nibbles with a glass of wine or two. The merriment went on late into the night, with friends going back to their vans with a warm glow!

It was no different to any other rally that the Stones run, they put in hard work and committment, along with Jan and Nigel to make it a throughly enjoyable time.

Thanks once again,

Ann Neale