Anniversary Rally - Brean

Brean, Soms.

6 - 8th Mar 2009


After spending a few days in the Mendips in the snow, we then travelled down to the Brean rally. We were a day early, having confirmed this with the marshals. We arrived on a beautiful day the sun was shining and it really felt like spring had suddenly arrived. The marshals greeting us with their usual friendliness and Sam soon put the kettle on for a cup of tea. The next day we went to Clarkes Outlet Centre and had some retail therapy (Pete was really happy!). In the evening we went to tea/coffee and met some friends we had not seen for a long time, it was great catching up on all the news.


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Saturday arrived and Terry and Sandra came for the weekend. In the afternoon we had a get together in the gazebos for Greg and Di’s 45th wedding anniversary and also their 100th rally, they supplied wine and nibbles and Sandra had made a beautiful cake. Terry did their presentation and told everyone what a lovely couple they were and that if there was anything that needed to be done Greg would do it without question. In the evening the marshals had arranged for everyone to have a meal in the Seagull pub restaurant, this was very enjoyable and tasty and a good time was had by all.

During Saturday night the wind and rain arrived. It got to be very blustery and Greg and Andy got up to move their cars to try and protect the Tea-tent and Gazebos. I know that Greg and Andy did not get much sleep that night and that Greg actually slept in his clothes in case he had to get up quickly.

Sunday morning arrived and there were some bleary eyed marshals, but fortunately no damage had been done. At Flag Dave Morphey welcomed some new ralliers and second time ralliers and hoped that they would come to many more. Many hands offered to take down the Tea-tent and Gazebo’s with the wind still a strong factor. Within no time they were down and packed away.

We would like to thank the very hard working marshals Greg, Di, Andy and Sam for making the rally so successful, we had a great time.


Pat and Pete Vowles