Burns Nite

Wokingham, Berks

23 - 25th Jan 2009

Robbie Burns

Or Haggis, Neeps & Tatties

Burns nite supper was held at Embrook School Nr Wokingham. Arriving on Friday afternoon we were well directed to the site, finding it easily.

We were greeted by the friendly marshals (who had just arrived themselves) Neil and Kay Moss and Pat and Pete Vowles. It was Kay & Neil’s first rally as marshal for SOC although time would show that they had (in another life) marshalled before. Pat and Pete stood in at the last minute due to family illness (the lot of an ACM). We had a nice surprise when Neil produced long cables which gave us all power for lighting.

The highlight of the rally was the Burns Supper held on Saturday night, we started with the Selkirk Grace followed by tomato soup. The haggis was duly clapped in and addressed by Mr Derek Murray. The haggis was served with neeps, tatties, carrots and peas. Sausages were available for the faint hearted. Mr Danny McIvor then recited the Famous poem by Burns “TO A MOUSE” which includes the famous wee timours beastie phrase known to us all.

Sweet followed, being a meringue nest covered with fresh fruit salad with lashings of fresh cream. During this course Mr McIvor recited Tam’O Shanter which I and most of the Sassenachs did not understand but was brilliantly done and loudly applauded. This was followed by, and I quote Drink & Clatter....... and aye the ale was getting better, and it was!! Much music and dancing followed; more ale and wee drams were drunk until the early hours. (Thanks for the music Brian.)

Sunday morning saw a few bleary eyes at Flag when marshal bars were presented to Neil, Kay, Pat and Pete. The first time rally Marshal Plaque was presented to Neil & Kay and it was nice to see a first rally bar presented to Ken, Val & Emily Taylor who joined in well; welcome to the Club.

Thank you marshals for all your hard work, you ran a great rally.


Photos © & courtesy of Brian Parsons. Click to enlarge.

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