Track Tests - Dunsfold Aerodrome

( or Get Your Own Back On Top Gear! )

Dunsfold, Surrey – 2nd to 4th October


For the first time this year arrived at a rally in the dark, what a depressing thought, but within minutes we were sited and pitched in true area eight fashion with a smile and warm welcome.  What was even nicer was to arrive and do nothing as friends,  Michael and Rosemarie Bird who had arrived earlier after driving some 245 miles from Rawtenstall to the rally had prepared a wonderful evening meal.

Saturday was track test day and as usual ralliers soon took up the time slots and the day was full to capacity.  The competition was marshalled by Denise & Brain Parsons, and Adie & Tony ...........  .  During the day we saw some very competent drivers manoeuvering around the course and some shall we say not so confident.  It was both educating and entertaining to watch.  The results were kept a closely guarded secret by Denise; she had no intention of giving anyone even a hint until the unveiling of results at flag the following day.

Saturday evening was catered for by Sarah Crossley and Tony Godsell who celebrated their 100th Rally by supplying wine with cheese and biscuits.  Vikki Parsons also celebrated her 18th birthday and supplied a choice of birthday cakes.  Oh and what a shock, a special guest arrived to present Vikki with a gift it was none other than the Stig himself, on loan from the Top Gear team for a brief moment. 

The site itself held lots of interest for the gentlemen on the rally with planes and helicopters in abundance, but I think nearly all of them took time out to wander round the relics from the Top Gear team including the amphibious cars and trucks used by the team.

Flag followed on the Sunday morning with a wonderful start - a presentation to three junior members with their commemorative plaques. Abigail and Danielle Mann both received their 10th rally plaque and Rachel Goodsell received her 15th.  Finally it was time and the winners were announced from the previous days track test, 1st runner up male was Ron Ward, 1st runner up female was Paula Mann and the overall winner this year was Steve Horn.  Congratulations to them all.

Finally can I say a large thankyou to the wonderful marshals to put so much effort into the running of this rally, Sarah, Tony, Denise and Brian.  I would like to express  again the words said at flag you all put so much effort and commitment into the rallies you run, they are always FUN and well attended and as a rallier said to me on Saturday ‘attending is quite addictive’ .  A huge compliment to any marshal.  So keep up the good work and I will see you out and about again very soon.

Sharon Horn

Pics courtesy Steve Horn & Brian Parsons
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