First Time for Everything

Great Bourton, Banbury

20-22 March 2009


We were given a warm welcome by first time marshals John and Rose Arthur. They gave us the sad news that Alec and Cheryl  who were going to be the co-marshals could not be there as Alec was in hospital.  John and Rose had lots of offers of help and Carol and Alan Druce had stepped in and taken over as co-marshals. 

Barnstones is a well kept caravans site originally they wanted us to park our vans on the gravel road but as spring had decided to arrive early and the ground was firm we parked our vans on the grass and parked our cars on the gravel.  On Saturday we went for a drive round the local countryside and stopped by  a couple of locks on the canal it was a glorious day.  In the evening we went to the village hall for a fish and chip supper.  Sunday was equally lovely and Rose had made a giant poster wishing Alec to get well soon.

Grateful thanks for our hard working marshals John and Rose Arthur and Carol and Alan Druce.

Barbara Roberts

Get Well Soon!

Get well soon Alec!

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Get Well Soon!

Pictures from Martin Roberts