An easy weekend at Harby

Harby, Nr Newark, Nottinghamshire

20 - 22 Mar 2009


Ralliers were invited to come to Harby for a relaxing weekend in the countryside around Nottinghamshire and Lincolnshire. It turned out to be just that with a sprinkling of fun thrown in.

The weekend weather came up trumps and provided a dry and sunny setting. Twenty units attended, although the field could accommodate many more, the pavilion has a limited seating capacity. A warm comfortable hall is a bonus at this time of year. On opening our rally envelope we were intrigued as to why a picture of what appeared to be a regally dressed woman appeared on the plaque. All was to be revealed at flag.


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As we had arrived on Friday mid-day we took advantage of the settled weather and went off to a nearby village to do a series of geocaches, (a treasure hunt using GPS technology). In the evening we had the traditional get together with hot drinks and biscuits, followed by cold (mostly alcoholic) drinks and nibbles.

Saturday was a free and easy day to visit the nearby towns of Newark or Lincoln, or stay on site and watch the football match on the sports field. In the evening we had a social. A supper of jacket spuds with fillings was served and was very well received. This was followed by a quiz, which included a section based on 100 top answers. Then came the explanation of the plaque graphic, very well researched by Phil. It was to symbolise Queen Eleanor, the wife of King Edward 1, who died in the Manor House at Harby in 1290. Phil Capes gave a précis of the reason for the King and Queen being in the area, and on Sunday morning arranged access for us to visit the village church to see a new stained glass window dedicated in the millennium to Queen Eleanor.

Flag was held with the formalities being undertaken by Ann Neale. The raffle and quiz results were given and the evening was completed by more cold drinks and nibbles. A number of members took up Phil’s invitation to visit the church on Sunday morning after a warming drink of tea/coffee. The rally was very well attended and all seemed to enjoy themselves. Many thank to the marshals, Phil and Patsy Capes assisted by Stuart and Margaret Brelsford.

John Fletcher