Morgan Cars Centenary Rally

Cheltenham Racecourse


30th July - 3rd August 2009


Happy birthday Morgan, well done for achieving 100 years. Thinking about it they are an unusual car company in that they are still family owned and I think they are probably the only remaining British car company. We went to the party at the rally organised to coincide with Morgan’s celebrations. Well done to the marshals for having the foresight to book pitches on Cheltenham Racecourse Caravan Club site for a Swift Owners Club rally so we could join the birthday celebrations.

About 40 vans met at the Caravan Club site, under the shelter of the grandstand overlooking the racecourse itself. Friday wasn’t too bad weather wise, Saturday started grey and miserable and it wasn’t long before the rain arrived but it did clear up late afternoon Sunday and Monday weren’t too bad. Just as well we were all on hard standing with electrics, as we then had no worries about mud and batteries.

On Friday we had a Morgan cavalcade with hundreds of cars throughout all the range of cars they produced, these cars were of nearly every colour and from all over the world as people had travelled thousands of miles to attend.

Saturday and Sunday were the main days as far as Morgan were concerned. You had to pay to get in to see the stalls and attractions, however the advantage Swifties had was that we could spend Saturday afternoon watching the Royal Artillery Parachute display team from our caravans and in the evening be entertained by listening to 'Queen' and 'The Rolling Stones' (performed by two of the country's best tribute bands).

Sunday saw a visit from The Royal Signals White Helmet motorcycle display team. Swifties were entertained in the evening by classical music from the English Symphony Orchestra as well as male voice choirs and a firework display.

The marshals worked hard for this rally and at times felt they were getting nowhere, trying to liaise with the event organisers and the Caravan Club but in the end it was well worth it. It was a good job done by you all.

We enjoyed the weekend and were pleased we had gone and been part of the celebrations. I don’t think I will ever see so many Morgans in one place at once again, (I don’t think I will be at the 200th) I’m just off to count what’s in my piggy bank to see if I can afford a new car, but I fear not - oh well we can dream!!

Seymour Swift

Two great sounds ...

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Morgan driving off Steam engine pulling train from Cheltenham Racecourse to Winchcombe

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