An Eggsighting Easter

North Runcton, Norfolk

9th - 16th April 2009


We had a warm greeting  on arrival by marshal Ann Milner and were shown to our spot by Tony Hawkins.  Martin had previously spoken to the site owner and Ann to ask if we could bring our wind generator and not take electricity.  The owner said he liked people  like us as he was running out of electric.  We were sited on the end of a row with a huge expanse of nicely mowed grass to the side of us.

As there were over 40 vans and a motor home Ann and her partner George Reeve  decided to enlist Hamish and Kathy McIntyre as co marshals as well as co marshals Tony and Frankie Hawkins.  Together they made a splendid team and they all worked very hard to make sure that every thing ran smoothly.  Tony and Frankie also bought two tents that they were able to put together with the tea tent this made a large area for us to meet for tea and coffee.  Ann had also hired the School Room which was a small village hall about half a mile down the road.

On Friday morning we met in the School Room for hot cross buns and tea and coffee.  Martin and I then went to Wells next to Sea and sat on the sea wall eating fish and chips.  Something had been arranged for us every day but there was no pressure on any one to attend it was a very warm and friendly rally laid back  and happy but very well organised.  This was the first time that Ann and George had been marshals they thought they would only get about 20 vans and then it grew to over 40 and they made a splendid job of organising the rally.

George was an Auctioneer and on Monday we went to see him in action at Methwold and then on to the car boot opposite.  On the last night which was Wednesday we all met at The Hare  Arms at Stow Bardolph  for a splendid meal.  We parked our car and were walking towards the pub when Martin noticed a peacock in the bushes then he saw several in the trees there was also a white peacock looking through one of the windows.  It was a lovely way to end a splendid rally and one we will remember.

We had an eventful drive home we stopped at a big Tesco near the Galleria at  Hatfield to fill up with LPG  only to find that there were two fire engines and the garage was closed.  Then we were driving down a narrow bendy lane near to us and hit a traffic jam which was unusual for that time of day only to be stopped by a policeman as there was a three car accident with two ambulances and several police cars and vans.  At first we were asked to stay where we were while the cars behind could come by then the policeman said if Martin felt he could get through the gap to go for it.  Between the crash and a large tree we got through with only inches to spare on either side.

A very big thank you to our hard working marshals Ann Milner, George Reeve, Tony and Frankie Hawkins and Hamish and Kathy McIntyre we will look back at Easter in Kings Lynn with happy memories.

Barbara Roberts

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