Noughties Rally

Stanford Hall

Swinford, Leics

19th - 21st June 2009

stanford hall

49 ‘vans made the venue, should have been 50 but there was a breakdown enroute. Cancellation of the Swift Group Rally was the gain of SOC members, with fine weather and plenty to see and do. All enjoyed a superb weekend. Many members attending admitted to having an '0' on the end of their age and wore badges to prove it, even the ‘vans were bedecked with logos and ages ranged from 10 to young 80’s.

Saturday saw members participating in the SOC Olympics, indeed some were even seen ‘training’ early in the morning, carrying what looked like water weights up the field, (it must have worked as return times always seemed faster). Target Boules, Lawn Darts, Croquet, Mini Badminton, Sponge Dice, Balls in a Buckets and other such strenuous activities were all fiercely competed, and it was only the serving and consumption of’ ‘Pimms’ which prevented any fatalities. The day was completed by all enjoying a superb supper ably organised by Maureen and a willing band of helpers, the evening being rounded off with a quiz organised by Stuart.

Sunday was the birthday of our President, again one with a ‘0’, and prior to ‘flag’, The Rally ‘Birthday Cake’ which had been ceremoniously cut on Saturday afternoon was consumed with the usual beverages. During flag mention was made of  Terry and Alison Owen's 150th Rally also Keith and Jenny Essam's 50th Rally, with thanks for the provision of the Pimms.

Everyone attending had a superb rally, and expressed their thanks to Val and John, Maureen and Ron,Margaret and Stuart for all their hard endeavours on our behalf. Well done everyone, here’s to the next ‘0’ties.

Keith & Jenne Essam   

Pics courtesy Ian Brown & others
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