Lawrence Llewellyn-Bowen's Locality

Siddngton, Glos

9th - 13th April 2009


One day of rain followed by three days of sunshine. That was the forecast. The bit about the rain was correct but the weather knew it was Easter, and had other ideas for the following two days.  The sun did eventually make a decent appearance but not until the last day, as we packed up to leave.

None of that spoiled another excellent rally organised by the Field/Kilbey team. We enjoyed a gently sloping grass site with a countryside view and daytime entertainment in the form of regular parachute jumps at the nearby airfield.

Two evenings were taken care of by entertainment in the local village hall. On the Friday evening a talented one man band played a variety of instruments to great applause. At the same time Steve and Sharon Horn celebrated their 100th rally and offered cake and wine to fellow ralliers. On the Sunday evening line dancing was the order of the day with Len and Rob dressed as women.

The Saturday evening saw a communal BBQ as ralliers braved the cool weather with true Swift spirit.The parachute show and later sunset made it all worth while.

The nearby Cotswold Water Park proved ideal for those wanting to take a stroll or exercise their dogs whilst those needing retail therapy found solace in Cirencester or Swindon.

All in all a very well thought out rally with plenty for everyone. Many thanks to the marshals Len & Dot Field and Rob & Sue Kilbey.


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