Neddy, Steady, Whoa

World Horse Welfare,

Snetterton, Norfolk

12 - 15 November 2009


We arrived on Thursday afternoon and the weather was lovely and then it we had gale force winds and heavy rain which even made the van rock. Friday was not much better.

On Saturday we had a free guided tour round the stables and the farm we were lucky as we managed to do this when it did not rain. They take in the horses for all different reasons, some are neglected and rescued and others are too fat - 18 stone to heavy. One mare was about to give birth and was very thin and ill and when the foal was born she looked after him and fed him and they both survived. It was lovely to be able to get close to the horses in the stables and they were all putting their heads forward to be stroked.

Tony put 2 tents together and strung white lights round the inside and it did look very pretty. On Thursday night we had met for tea and biscuits and on Friday Frankie made lots of mince pies which she cooked in her caravan they were delicious. On Saturday night we had an American Supper followed by flag and a quiz

It was a shame about the weather as it was a beautiful spot and mother nature did her best as all the trees were changing colours. We also saw geese flying in arrow formation on several occasions. Sunday the sun came out so we went for a drive round the country side before coming home.

We would like to rally there again perhaps in the summer months. A very big thank you to our hard working marshals Tony and Frankie Hawkins and Ted and Pat James

Barbara Roberts

Pics courtesy Martin Roberts
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