Witch Ale for Marshal’s Celebration

20-23 May (3 nights)

Edisford Bridge Farm, Clitheroe, Lancs



There’s summut reet good about Northern rallies. It could be the people, it could be the places, it could be the weather - the weather?  Well it’s not always perfect but on this occasion it was stunning. We had wall to wall sunshine and temperatures in the high 20’s.  The setting, in the hills around Clitheroe, was also stunning with views of the castle and local churches. The Pendle Hill Witches and the Ribble Valley Way were close by.

On the Saturday evening, after a communal BBQ, we all sat outside until nearly 11pm. Few could remember the last time this was possible. It was a wonderful way to celebrate John & Val Brailsford’s 400th SOC rally. We learned that there had been some 150 non-SOC rallies before that and that John & Val had spent some 2000 nights in a caravan. “Why pay council tax?” asked Colin Patterson as he presented them with a shield to commemorate the occasion.

The weekend also marked the ruby wedding of Stuart & Margaret Brelsford. There were none of the usual jokes about two life sentences but, at Flag, ACM Mike Clough did make reference to Stuart’s extreme forbearance, or words to that effect. All I can say is that he looks pretty healthy on it, not to mention Margaret.

When Sunday came it was even hotter and few wanted to go home, but all good things come to an end, and so it did. Many thanks to the hard working marshals - John & Val Brailsford and Colin & Betty Patterson.


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