The Great Dorset Steam Fair

Sixpenny Handley, Salisbury, Wiltshire

1st -- 5th September



Sixpenny Handley is a delightful village with Church Farm Caravan & Camping Club on the right hand side past the village stores.  We have been to Sixpenny Handley lots of times over the years when we visited friends in the area.  We thought we would look for the bakers who made the most delicious Lardy Cakes  only to find that where the bakers window used to be was now bricked up.

Next to Church Farm was St Mary’s Church which is nearly 1000 years old.  We always knew the time as the bells were rang every hour.  I met a lady from Holland at the kissing gate by the church so we went round the church together and when the gardener finished mowing he came and gave us some more history.

Church Farm also has a restaurant called the “Shed”.  They started off with breakfast then lunch time then open again for those who wanted an evening meal.

We went to the Great Dorset Steam Fair which was very interesting.  We watched the sheep dogs rounding up the sheep then the geese.  I spent some time with the Shire horses and watching them ploughing the fields in the old fashioned way.  I then went through the marquees I managed to find a seat as it was very hot and a long walk back to the car.

The area of Sixpenny Handley is lovely and it would be nice to go back there again.

We are grateful to our hardworking marshals John and Val Rowe and Tony and Cyndy Elkins

Barbara Roberts

Photographs courtesy Martin Roberts & Danielle Mann
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