Christmas Shopping & Christmas Party Rally

Westerby Farm, Outwell nr Wisbech – Cambridge

18-21 November 2010


We arrived in the early afternoon to a lovely day.  We stopped in a service area only to find that our outfit was too long for the allotted space. Martin went in the caravan to make sure that everything was OK.  Then a man knocked on my window which I thought was a bit strange, he only wanted to tell me that he was selling Blue for the loo and would we like some.

On Friday we woke up to thick fog which lasted into Saturday so we had a couple of days just relaxing.  We did have use of a hall which was built inside a large barn.  It was very nicely done with an open fire and chairs and tables and was great to spend our evenings talking to friends in the warm.

On Saturday night we were asked to bring food for the first course and the table was loaded and the Marshals kindly made all the deserts.  On Sunday we were able to see the museum a lovely collection of memorabilia – it was fun going round looking at some of the items and saying I had one of those.

We had a collection and raised £30 in the Pudsey Bucket.

Many thanks to all the Marshals who worked so hard – Tony and Frankie Hawkins, Val and Keith Turner and Nigel.

Barbara Roberts

Photos courtesy Tony Hawkins & Martin Roberts
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