Seaford Unexpectedly

Easter Rally

Seaford, E Sussex

1st - 6th April 2010


As with all larger rallies there is an exceptional amount of organising to do and a lot of effort required in the days leading up to the start of the rally. This one was slightly different – it was cancelled 24 hours before the start as the rally field was waterlogged. The marshals panicked, scratched their heads, thought for a while and then did some ringing around. They found a potential venue, rushed off mid morning for a meeting at Seaford Head Community College who agreed to let us rally at the lower school site. Maureen, our rally secretary, then got involved as we needed to make sure we complied with our Natural England exemption certificate. Val, our secretary, was at work so I then had to arrange some additional insurance. Terry, our chairman, was involved calming everyone down. The business manager and the caretaker at the school were absolutely fabulous and helped get all the practical things sorted. Once everything was agreed and in place, the marshals telephoned every rallier to let them know the change of venue. This just goes to show when there is a crisis and everyone involved pulls together we can achieve the near impossible.

The rally itself was brilliant. It rained the first day for a few hours, which didn’t matter as we had lunch in a local pub, then only rained at night. The marshals worked so hard and managed to get some beautiful  sunshine but struggled with the warmth. We had the use of the school hall throughout the weekend which helped keep us warm, the urn was often on!! Cakes, biscuits and hot cross buns were plentiful. Breakfast baps were served one morning, a bit too early for me after the night before so Tony had mine!! Entertainment every evening, music by Tony Hawkins and Brian Parsons, an excellent disco arranged by Paula and Greg for Abigail’s birthday, an entertaining Mr and Mrs show, with couples letting us in on their secrets (especially Kerrie!!) and Greg’s ‘Which bees make milk?’ quiz. Birthday cakes were provided over the weekend to celebrate Abigail Mann’s 11th birthday and Denise Parson’s birthday (she is slightly older!!)

The daytimes were filled with walks up and along the cliffs overlooking the English Channel, bike rides along the promenade and out to the wildlife sanctuary followed by ice creams from the ice-cream van on the promenade. Tony went off on Saturday afternoon for a quick 9 holes with our resident Swift pro! The marshals organised a craft afternoon and Easter Egg hunts for the children, an Egg throwing competition for adults. Some of the older children took a few of the younger ones to a local swimming pool, special thanks to Danielle and Amber.

Rachel celebrated her 25th rally since last years AGM and Peter presented her with a wooden shield just like the adults get. Rachel then whispered to me ‘do I have to give this one back next year?’ and was very pleased when I said it was hers to keep for ever. Terry and Sandra Milsom’s new grandson, Max also got his passport as this was his first rally.

Generally a very well run quiet weekend with the odd glass of wine. We were very careful to watch our P’s and Q’s! Thanks to Paula, Greg, Danielle and Abigail, Peter and Pat.

The answer is of course Boobees!!

Sarah and Tony

Pics courtesy Sarah Crossley
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