Christmas Markets in Holland & Germany

Valkenburg aan de Geul , Holland

28th November - 5th December 2010


Many brave souls set out from England hoping to leave the snow and frost behind, some didn't even get that far and had to stay at home, 'just like that poor little piggy' but those that did make Valkenburg were in for a testing time.

Snow, frost, temperatures at night of -12°C, frozen water pipes, private snow ploughs and gritters to clear site roads, plenty of space in the shower blocks to defrost waste carriers etc, etc, coverage on National Dutch TV - we had the lot. Were we disheartened? NO, we moaned a bit, then got on with it having no alternative. 'Stiff upper lip and all that' aided by the temperature.

Celebrating three birthdays, one wedding anniversary and generally having a great time visiting the Cave Markets in Valkenburg. Outdoor ones in Aachen and Cologne, not to mention a visit to the American Cemetery at Margareten enroute to another beautiful town market at Monchau.

Rally meals were held in the on site resturant, where we were indulged by Bas and his wife Haani, ably assisted by their family. Oh! and not forgetting the intrepid four, Val and John Rowe, Maureen and Ron Ward, who had to put up with the 'odd' obstacle like the rest of us, but still did a fantastic job and kept smiling - well most of the time.

Thanks you for all your efforts on our behalf, a great time under difficult conditions.

Now thawed out,

Keith, Jenne & Jon Essam

Photos courtesy Val Rowe & Keith Essam
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