Vale of Glamorgan Hospital Visit

Caravan Hospital,

St Hilary, Cowbridge, S Wales

14 - 18th Sept 2011


As we drove away from the rally in a torrential downpour the rainwater trickled from my hair and down the back of my neck. Paul’s words rang in my head “We haven’t had a hosepipe ban in South Wales since 1976” he said with a tinge of pride when we arrived on the Wednesday. It was warm and sunny then but he must have seen the forecast.

Thursday was warm and sunny too and some of us paid a visit to the Welsh open air museum at St Fagan’s. Founded in 1948 it continues to grow and contains many buildings of historical importance that have been transported there from right across Wales. Entrance is free (as with all Welsh museums) but you do really need 2 days to take it all in. We came away with a delicious loaf of bread cooked in a wood fired bread oven.

Friday was better than forecast and proved a great day for shopping and more sightseeing despite late rain. By Saturday the weather had turned but the morning was OK for the rally’s planned visit to the nearby Nash Point Lighthouse. Built in 1832 it was electrified in 1968 and then fully automated in 1998. We were shown round by one of its last keepers and by a volunteer who had retired from his job as a university lecturer.

The lighthouse was immaculate had had been set out for a wedding later in the day. The view from the top was spectacular and took in the nearby foghorn building.  Although long since decommissioned the foghorn has been restored to working order by volunteers. As Nash point is no longer supposed to have a foghorn it can only be sounded when the weather is clear, otherwise it could cause confusion to shipping.

Fortunately the weather was clear and prior arrangements had been made with our guides to let us hear what it sounded like. The word that springs to mind is AWESOME. Apparently the sound travels 20 miles in clear weather and about 15 in fog. I can believe it!

Saturday evening was rounded off with a lively communal meal in the marquee. We were joined by the site owners Ray and Pat Summers. Pat brought along several of her large and absolutely scrumptious homemade apple pies together with several jugs of cream. What a treat!

Many thanks to the marshals, Simon & Cheryl Powell together with Paul & Lyn Phillips, for a really enjoyable rally.


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