The AGM rally is the largest meeting in the Club’s calendar. This year we had some 115 outfits. To attract as many members a possible the rally takes place across a bank holiday weekend packed full of entertainment and activities for all. For the last four years Ron & Maureen Ward have acted as rally marshals with the unenviable task of assembling a large team of helpers and making it all happen.

This year Ron & Maureen stepped aside to the role of ‘Meet & Greet’ to allow new blood to take over in the form of Tony Goodsell & Sarah Crossley. What a great job they did. As far as I could see it all went like clockwork.

The marquees we use can be very cold and Tony had vowed to have them warm at all times. Despite the chilly weather he succeeded – even to the point where some asked for the heating to be turned down. Of course it helps to have good working relationship with the staff at Towcester Racecourse and Tony was full of praise for the service he had received from them.

On the Thursday there had been so much rain that small ponds appeared everywhere  and parts of the rally field were reduced to mud. That’s how it was on the Friday when we arrived. However the racecourse is used to rain. It has a trick up its sleeve in the form of stone hardcore a few inches below the surface of the grass where we pitch. This makes life difficult to for awning pegs in but it does keep the ground firm.

From the fish & chip van on the Friday evening to flag and raffle on the Monday morning it was a weekend full of fun. Breakfast baps, table top sale, children’s crafts, track tests, children’s treasure hunt, Chairman’s challenge, Jump Jive alive, AGM, open forum, holiday get togethers, children’s tea party, Pepe the clown, a rock group and comedian – there was something for everyone.

The whole weekend was testimony to a fantastic team effort by twenty or  more people. I’m not going to try and name everyone for fear of missing someone out.  You know who you are so it just remains to say a huge ‘thank you’ to you all.


Photos courtesy Brian Parsons, Alison Owen & John Saunter
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