Easter at Heron’s Nest

Great Budworth, Cheshire

5-9th April 2012

It’s a long time since we have rallied in Cheshire and what a wonderful surprise it was to turn up at this lovely site at Heron’s Nest, Great Budworth the grass was nicely cut with no cuttings left on the field to be walk into the van. The field overlooked a beautiful lake (Don’t know its name*) Heron’s nests could be seen in trees on the shores of the lake.  In the background we could see the site of the Anderton Boat Lift this being along with nice simple program our main reason to go there for Easter.   Snow could be seen on the hills to the east of us (I think the Peak District) whilst we were in sunshine.  The weather was kind on Friday, Saturday and Sunday was not too cold and nothing arranged had to be cancelled.
Thursday was the usual tea and coffee night in the gazebos and attached awnings.  It was nice to see people we had not seen for a long time and to meet new faces.

Friday was a repeat of Thursday but we continue with a bit of fun and games Saturday evening was taken up with a yes no interlude in which ladies that took part were very good, the men were ever so ready to say no.

Sunday had simple field games and I think most ralliers had a go and then a lovely cream tea. A barbeque, followed by play “your cards right” which I believe was enjoyed by those there, but the BBC had a programme from the Augusta Masters, which I could not miss, so only hear say to report.

The marshals did a wonderful job sighting the field using the space well to allow all plenty of space and to view the boats sailing on the lake both on Saturday and Sunday.

Monday’s weather was a bit different, as we had to pack up in between the showers. Flag was held, plaques, prizes and a raffle concluded the meeting and no problems were experienced getting of the field.

I wish to thank Bob and Linda, very well assisted by Frank and Joan for a wonderful weekend and hope they have another rally on this site in the not too distant future.


* The name of the lake is Budworth Mere or Marbury Mere depending where you come from - webmaster. It's a beatiful mere as the photo below shows.

Photo courtesy Wikipedia